Your all in one delivery app

Twiks is a food delivery platform that required three distinct panels: one for the end-user or customer, one for the shop, and one for administration. Our team began by conducting a market analysis to understand the competitive landscape and identify opportunities to differentiate Twiks from other food delivery platforms.

We developed user flows and flowmaps to understand how the different panels would interact and ensure a smooth experience for all users. We also created wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to refine the design and ensure that all stakeholders were aligned.

Once the design was finalized, we began building the platform from scratch. This involved developing a scalable and secure backend infrastructure, integrating with third-party APIs for payment processing and other key features, and building custom features unique to the Twiks platform.

Throughout the development process, we conducted extensive testing and quality assurance to ensure that the platform was stable, fast, and easy to use. We also worked closely with the client to ensure that their requirements were met and that the final product aligned with their vision.

In summary, our work process for the Twiks project included market analysis, user flows and flowmaps, wireframes, mockups, and prototypes, backend development, third-party API integration, custom feature development, testing and quality assurance, and close collaboration with the client. This comprehensive approach allowed us to deliver a high-quality, custom-built platform that exceeded the client’s expectations.