Tridiar – 360&3D Virtual Tour Creator

Cross-platform Application and web-based application for a Virtual Tour Creator

To start with, we conducted an extensive analysis of their requirements, competitors, and market trends to better understand their business goals and objectives. Based on our findings, we developed a detailed project plan and shared it with the Tridiar team for their feedback and approval.

Next, we worked on the branding for Tridiar and created a brand identity that was aligned with their business values and target audience. Once the branding was finalized, we moved on to the UX design phase, where we created wireframes and prototypes for the mobile application and web-based application.

During the development phase, we followed an Agile methodology, which allowed us to break down the project into small sprints and deliver working features at the end of each sprint. We also conducted regular user testing sessions to get feedback from Tridiar’s target audience and incorporated their feedback into the development process.

In addition to the work process mentioned earlier, we also created a design system for Tridiar. A design system is a comprehensive set of guidelines and reusable components that help to ensure consistency and efficiency in design and development.

Creating a design system for Tridiar allowed us to establish a consistent look and feel for all of their digital products, including the mobile application, web-based application, and presentation website. It also helped to streamline the design and development process, making it easier to create new features and make updates across all platforms.

To create the design system, we started with a thorough analysis of Tridiar’s brand and visual identity. We then established a set of design guidelines, including color palettes, typography, iconography, and layout principles. We also created a library of reusable components, such as buttons, forms, and navigation elements, that could be used across all platforms.

Throughout the design process, we conducted regular user testing to ensure that the design system was intuitive and effective for users. We also worked closely with Tridiar’s development team to ensure that the design system could be implemented efficiently and effectively.

Overall, the design system helped to ensure consistency and efficiency across all of Tridiar’s digital products, while also providing a strong foundation for future growth and development.

In addition to the mobile application and web-based application, we also developed a custom administration panel for Tridiar’s team to manage their published properties and user accounts. The administration panel included features such as property management, user management, analytics, and reporting.

To ensure the security and scalability of the platform, we followed industry-standard best practices for database structuring, server configuration, and deployment. We also implemented rigorous testing and quality assurance processes to ensure that the platform was bug-free and met all the necessary functional requirements.

Overall, our work process with Tridiar involved a wide range of activities, including analysis, branding, UX design, development, testing, and deployment. We worked closely with Tridiar’s team throughout the project and ensured that all their requirements were met, and their business goals were achieved.